Spring Migration at Palmer Hay Flats 

Spring Migration at Palmer Hay Flats 


My name is Regin Dervaes. I am a wife, mother of three and a wannabe chicken whisperer. I live on a developing homestead outside of Palmer. You can find me digging in the dirt, gathering a few eggs, hiking with my family and often (with a pair of knitting needles in hand) enjoying the view that is Alaska.   

My work with young children started in 1994 at a holistic nursery school in Fairbanks AK.  Over the years I have found myself working within a traditional preschool setting and carrying my own in-home program. After years of exploring many different educational methods and philosophies, I knew that I wanted to create a nurturing environment for children that enabled creativity and imagination to flourish while maintaining a deep connection to the natural world around them. 

Throughout the last two decades I have studied and worked in the fundamental early childhood models of RIE, Froebel, Pikler and Steiner. A draw towards Waldorf philosophies and education led me to attend many workshops and lectures within the US, including Foundation Studies through Antioch University. 

Upon my completion of LifeWays Early Childhood Certification training, I established Nettlewood Playgarden and started a Parent-Child class in the fall of 2014. Nettlewood Playgarden opened in August 2015 with a home-based preschool program as well as offering various seasonal sessions.  Nettlewood Playgarden is a LifeWays North America Representative Site. 

 I strive to create an environment worthy of a child's imitation, and to value and nurture the child's innate capacity for reverence, wonder and awe.